In today’s podcast with Jessie Cruickshank, you will be lead through some of our times’ greatest classic theological training like: 

Which animated film has the best philosophy for life?

What does it mean to “Go Slow to Go smart, go smart to go fast”?

How do you let your passion burn and not scorch everyone around you?

How do apostles make decision in a way that helps everyone get on board?

How a “Go Slow to Go Smart, Go Smart to Go Fast” strategy multiplies disciples rather than adding them

Why a “Go Slow to Go Smart, Go Smart to Go Fast” is more effective than gathering hundreds or thousands

How does doing the work of trying to overcome decline actually slow your thinking? 

Where does depression enter in to the process of trying to lead in the Church?

Oh, and what is a “Pregnant Nugget”?

Which fight is a better one? 

  • Discipleship or Excellence in Worship?
  • Higherarchy or Five Fold?
  • Diversity Committee or Gifted Leadership?

For the leader who is investing time energy and resources into programs than disciples, how can they decide to go slow to go fast because the ministry of the Kingdom of God is worth it?

How do you unclutter so you can focus?

What is a great metric for success?

“If you think that there is something missing in order to get the job done, you have the wrong job in mind!”

“God has given us everything we need in order to get our job done.”

“Getting stuff out of your way is critical to know what God has placed in front of you.”

Its a HUGE episode!

We hope this podcast offers you the permission you are looking for to bring change, for by allowing it, then by embracing it and then by helping others to do the same!

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