The All NEW 5QCast – Feeding Back

Today marks the beginning of something new in the 5QVerse – The ALL NEW 5QCAST! A podcast from the 5QCollective.

In each episode, this season, we are going to be activating 5Q voices to help us learn, describe and apply the wisdom and practice of APEST. We are super excited for what is to come and are possibly more excited to hear what you think! It isn’t worth producing if it doesn’t help you. Our goal is to equip, support, challenge and inspire you in your best 5Q learning and application. 

This week, Jessie Cruikshank has the honor of launching the new 5QCast and, well, it’s like saving your best for first. I loved having this conversation and know that you will get a ton out of the next twenty five minutes. Jessie unlocks several things that weigh us down in our lives in ministry. It’s real. It’s honest. And it’s here. 

“I am the reason that some people are not in ministry today.” 

That’s something that no one wants to say, yet many of us have. Today’s podcast focuses on the kind of processes, paradigms, communication and relationship that will help you protect those that work with you and create ways to remain FOR one another, building one another up for the glory of the Kingdom of God. 

In this podcast, we answer questions like: 

“How can feedback loops move ministers out of insecurity and into the strength required to bring passion and health to their co-laborers for the Kingdom?”

Feedback Loops are practices that can help you minister in areas that are new for you, without killing the people you depend on. 

“How do we find a fix for the culture of ministry that insists that we always know exactly what to do?”

“How does feedback differ in the Church from the business world, where most of us learn our paradigms?”

In the Kingdom, feedback is not a customer service satisfaction survey or employee review, it’s the Holy Spirit shaping you

“How can my gift compliment the gifting of others? Are teachers the only ones responsible for reading the Bible?”

APEST personalities are the only ones who have the corner on their gifting. They need each other to do what they do more accurately. 

“How does a healthy image of the Trinity help us reorient ourselves to the application of our APEST gifts?”

Our processes and paradigms don’t influence the Trinity, but their processes and paradigms transform us. The Trinity provides the relational model for how we interact in the work of the body of Christ. 

I would say, “and finally,” but there’s so much more: 

“How can this podcast help you become a life-giving, hope building voice in your co-minister’s feedback loops? (And not a Satan?)”

Let us know what you think of the two practical steps for APEST leaders to begin using feedback loops right now?

We look forward to your feedback! (See what I did there?)

You are the reason for the blog. Help us provide you with the tools you need to grow and apply your 5Q, the original intelligence and capacity of the Church.