Discovering Your Missional Potential (epub/pdf)


Discovering Your Missional Potential — a 9-week, Village (small) Group study guide offers opportunity — for those who’ve never considered a life on mission, nor their APEST Potential—to explore, discuss, and practice living that mission.


Discovering Your Missional Potential — a Village (small) Group study (for a gathering of 6-12 people) isn’t for those who have their “church stuff” together. It’s for people who are willing to explore the life of Jesus and the Bible. People who potentially become agents of change — creating a world that looks more like God’s kingdom.

Each of the 9 sessions in Discovering Your Missional Potential offers Bible study, outside-the-box interpretation, and dramatic application of the Ephesians 4 typology for mission (APEST).

So whether you’re gathering in a pub, a home, or someplace in between, you’ll want to find a place where you can huddle close, grab a snack and drink, and share this journey together.


The Authors:

Daryl L. Smith has devoted his life to helping equip people for their ministry—whatever form that takes. He has taught Christian leadership and discipleship at the seminary level and is the creator of several outside-the-church resources for Bible study and missional living.



Andrew B. Smith works to help the church (and everyone in it) recapture the missional purpose that we see God leading us in throughout the Bible. He served in church ministry for 15 years before stepping into the non-profit world, helping to bring transformation to those in need in Orlando, Florida.




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