5Q Learning Community

12 months

The 5Q Learning Community is a 12-month training  and is designed as a deep dive into 5Q for leaders. It's a training process explores 5Q in foundations (core theology, theory and tools), leadership (personal example, team dynamics and training process), organizations (creating culture, defining strategy and practice) and multiplication (reproduction, growth and scale).

It gives you a connection point every two weeks with an experienced practitioner in a webinar context alongside 6-12 other leaders, as well as assignment work and constant access via a message board for ongoing input and a peer-learning process.

It also works to equip and train through the cohort on multiple levels – in the areas of personal example, leadership development, culture creation and training infrastructure - all influenced by APEST thinking and dynamics. The additional benefit is an engagement with a collective of leaders and a final project for integration in your context and dynamic learning alongside others who are leading utilizing APEST as a framework and defining principle.


+ Deep Dive Training Process:
    -  5Q training process including education (information), experience (immersion) and equipping (imitation)

    -  Learning, discussion, coaching and training around 5Q 
    -  Key topics of 5Q Foundations, Leadership, Organization and Movement
    -  Studying and learning on personal, leadership, and organizational levels (can be tailored for the organizational context).

+ Personal & Leadership Development:
    -  Raise 5Q awareness and activation in your personal life and leadership responsibility. 

    -  Train in personal example and leadership expression of 5Q 
    -  Coaching in creating and contextualizing 5Q culture and practice, and developing infrastructure, training and resources
    -  Intentional framework for multiplying the 5Q training into your context 

+ Engagement with 5Q team:
   - 60-minute bi-weekly webinar contact

   - Background reading
   - Access to 5Q tests and supplementary resources (tests and modules) 
   - Dialogue on a message board/chatroom with a 5Q coach and peers

+ Integration work:
    -  A 5Q project in Semester 4 (to translate, integrate an dmultiply 5Q in your own context)

    -  Written work for assessment and peer review every session 
    -  Dialogue on a message board/chatroom with a 5Q coach and peers within the cohort 

+ $900

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Train the Trainer Option 

We also have a Train-the-Trainers option for those with responsibility within their organization to train other leaders in APEST/5Q dynamics . 

Rev. Colin McCartney

5Q training has been the best leadership training I have ever participated in and has been a tremendous resource for our urban church planting ministry. The trainers are qualified and knowledgeable experts who guide us into an understanding of the importance of APEST and how to practically work out  5Q in and through our ministry. The format involving our cohort participants has also been a wonderful way for all of us to interact together as we develop APEST in our ministries. We have applied what we have learned and have seen the fruit. This training works!

Rev. Colin McCartney
Mennonite Church Eastern Canada

Ryan Mayfield

Prior to training with 5Q Collective, it was difficult to see how to apply APEST in a corporate context. Most of the time when I hear APEST talked about, it is in the context of personal application. The cohort was also extremely helpful in hearing viewpoints of others versed in APEST, yet from the point of view of their individual giftings. As a Teacher, I need the input of others who are not like me to be able to equip those who are not like me. Through our conversations together, our church family has been able to apply APEST in a much more full, effective, and fluid way than before, allowing more people to walk in the giftings that God has given them. We have also been better able to find our place as a church family within our city, seeing where our body is specifically called and how we can love and serve our city in the unique way that God has designed us. I would highly recommend a 5Q Collective Cohort for anyone who is interested in seeing APEST applied in a broad spectrum with impactful results.

Ryan Mayfield
Director of Operations, City Church

Stacy Fowler

The 5Q Leadership Cohort has been invaluable to me. The assignments by the trainers have turned 5Q from a “head” thing into something that is being weaved into the very fabric of my heart. Because of that, I have seen such a difference in my ability to teach, train and live 5Q. Rich Robinson and the 5Q Learning Cohort team have developed a curriculum that actually gets you out of the classroom and teaches you how to implement 5Q into your own ministry. I can’t say enough about this course!

Stacy Fowler

Leigh Coates

5Q is a great vehicle for leaders and leadership teams to rediscover APEST as a working model. At Hope Whitby we use these principles as a key to releasing people into there God given roles. It’s been useful to hear how other leaders are grappling with these key concepts

Leigh Coates
Pioneer Leader, Hope Whitby, UK

Brandon Kelly

The 5Q training has moved APEST and 5Q functionality out of being only conceptual for us and has put it into application. We’re seeing shifts in our approach teams, structures, training, and ministry as 5Q becomes a fundamental lens for everything we do.

Brandon Kelly
Director of Strategy and Developing Leaders, Churches of God, General Conference

Mary Moscoso

I was daunted by the task of implementing a system that I believed in but had never fully experienced or witnessed and an additional challenge was the long haul to achieving the paradigm shifts that would make way for 5Q implementation. Thanks to input from the coaches on the 5Q cohort who are extremely knowledgeable and experienced and the constant encouragement and learning to be had from my peers we have reached the point where our groups are starting to function and organize themselves around their primary ministries. And this is only the start!

Mary Moscoso

Jon Ritner

The 5Q training is pushing me to reassess my pulpit language, evaluate my leadership culture, and redefine my organizational structure in a manner that better reflects the fullness of Christ and his mission. I am thankful to be learning alongside other talented practitioners and appreciate the reminders to be experimenting and applying what I am learning and not just filling up another notebook. Our community has taken over 250 5Q assessments and the language and learning’s are now embedded in our DNA!

Jon Ritner
Ecclesia Hollywood

Mark Cotterill

Join a 5Q leadership cohort!! It will raise your awareness of APEST design and theology and ignite your imagination moving you forward into new territory in your personal journey and leadership with others. Through the weekly webinars you’ll be guided to have the best conversations possible in order to check understanding of key thoughts and concepts and inspire appropriate application for you personally, your team and your church. For our church plant in Helsingborg the 5Q journey has given us a richer understanding of the makeup of our team, enabling us to position and equip people appropriately and lastly has given us the courage to make structural and leadership decisions to release the potential of the church and look more like Jesus in both character and the way we move

Mark Cotterill

Nathan Brewer

The 5Q Training has been encouraging and a breath of fresh air as pioneering work can often be lonely. There were many moments of encouragement from the peer-to-peer journey, and many quality inputs for strategic steps to implement APEST in my missions organization and church plant.

Nathan Brewer
Kyrios Ministries, Vienna, Austria

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