5Q Coaching Cohort for Church Leaders

Are you ready to bring APEST into the life of your church? Are you stuck on how to move forward beyond giving out the APEST assessment? Our 5Q Coaching Cohort for Church Leaders will help you gain further understanding of the potential application of 5Q, allow you to work together with other church leaders to create a shared learning environment, and give you practical tools to utilize within your church. Our coaches are pastors who are actively applying APEST in their own context.


+ Deliverables:
  • Integrate APEST into your church culture
  • Processes for proactive team cohesion and conflict resolution for your staff and leaders
  • Problem-solving through an APEST lens
  • Personal awareness of calling and plan for maturity
  • Customized discipleship strategy and measurement of effectiveness
  • Elevate your leadership and build a team that shares responsibility
+ Logistics:
  • Led by a pastor actively applying APEST in a local church
  • Bi-weekly group coaching process with a cohort of 8-15 church leaders
  • 60-minute online sessions over the course of 12 months
  • Reading, exercises, and next steps in between coaching sessions
+ Price:
  • Cost is $100 per person per month or $1000/year ($200 savings).
  • One year commitment required.

Full Registration - $1000
($200 Savings!)
Register @ $100/month

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