Ryan Mayfield


Prior to training with 5Q Collective, it was difficult to see how to apply APEST in a corporate context. Most of the time when I hear APEST talked about, it is in the context of personal application. The cohort was also extremely helpful in hearing viewpoints of others versed in APEST, yet from the point of view of their individual giftings. As a Teacher, I need the input of others who are not like me to be able to equip those who are not like me. Through our conversations together, our church family has been able to apply APEST in a much more full, effective, and fluid way than before, allowing more people to walk in the giftings that God has given them. We have also been better able to find our place as a church family within our city, seeing where our body is specifically called and how we can love and serve our city in the unique way that God has designed us. I would highly recommend a 5Q Collective Cohort for anyone who is interested in seeing APEST applied in a broad spectrum with impactful results.