Terms and Conditions

Distribution and use of I.P.

  • Within your own personal or pastoral context, we are happy for you to use the 5Q content and material to teach and train internally, and we would encourage this (with suitable reference to 5QCollective and/or authors where appropriate). 
  • Within your personal network of other church or business leaders, we are happy for you to share one or two of the modules or any of the diagrams as an example and encouragement for others to engage more intentionally with  5Q.
  • Please do not reproduce and circulate the whole content (modules, coaching materials) to multiple other individuals. When there is a situation of mass reproduction and distribution, please consider asking people to purchase the modules themselves or have a group of leaders engage with 5QCollective training, or be in contact with us to make an agreement for mass distribution or group coaching. 
  • We would ask that you would be in dialogue with us around permissions before undertaking any training that you do that involves remuneration for yourself which is using the 5Q IP and content (where you are using the 5Q IP and content of the modules for personal or professional remuneration).


  • Reproducing, sharing and integrating 5Q content into your personal and pastoral leadership in a local context, absolutely. 
  • Mass distribution to multiple people, please talk to us about an agreement.
  • Multiple leaders being trained, please talk to us about how we can coach you to lead in this context.
  • Re-using 5Q content or re-branding it to coach and train others for remuneration, that would need an agreement.