The 5Q Central team is filled with APEST practitioners throughout North America and Europe. They are all part of the alumni space. Our team brings years of experience, practical examples, and a heart for people. We work hard to have a team filled with diverse APEST callings to bring the fullness of Christ. The Alumni space is close to our hearts as the 5Q alumni understand the paradigm shift that 5Q brings to ministry. We desire to walk alongside you as you navigate the next steps for your context.
The alumni connection times occur monthly and contain input from the 5Q Central team, as well as ample space for processing and personal or professional battles you are currently facing. The monthly connection space is unique as it provides expert input and the opportunity to form a community with other people aiming to activate APEST in their context. We encourage you to make sure to attend these monthly connections as part of our Alumni space.
In addition to the monthly connections, we offer a specific chat area through Mighty Networks. This space provides questions, feedback, and resources from the Alumni community and the 5Q Central team. We also have one-on-one coaching that is offered at a discounted rate for alumni if you need additional support! We are excited to continue participating in this journey with you as you jump into  5Q Alumni!