Prophetic Training

A resource page for those seeking to understand the prophetic gifting. 

Holy Disruption

Holy Disruption unpacks a holistic, Jesus-shaped perspective of the prophetic, exploring how we, as the church, are collectively called to embody this ministry as a key part of our calling to become more like Christ.
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The cover art of the physical copy of Holy Disruption by Cath Livesey

Coaching Huddles

If you would like to grow personally in your journey of hearing God and using the gift of prophecy we offer in-depth coaching on growing in the prophetic. Coaching Huddles run over one year and are conducted via video calling. They last 75 minutes, have between 4 and 5 participants and are led by one of our experienced coaches. In these calls you will have an opportunity to understand and process key biblical principles of hearing God, as well as learning essential tools for discipleship. In addition you will receive the practical skills to equip you to disciple other people in your context and release them into prophetic ministry.
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Individual Results Course - $30

Move from your APEST test results to personal discovery and growth through this online course.
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Cath Livesey who leads the ministry Accessible Prophecy