These modules, which will cover each of the key topics within 5Q and will give individual leaders or church teams the opportunity for reflective learning & further study as well as create an environment to explore personal practices, leadership development and culture change.

Prologue:The Hero’s Journey
5Q Overview
APEST Overview
5Q Culture & Archetypes
Movement History
APEST Marks for Church
A.P.E.S.T. Functions & Callings (5 individual modules on each individual function & calling)

    • A.Q. Apostle/Apostolic Module


This training is done by a process of engaging, analysing & then applying the core content & principles in each module. We would encourage the modules to be undertaken in community – either through online discussion or local engagement. Each module will cover distinct levels of engagement –

  • Knowledge & Understanding of content
  • Awareness, Vocation and Identity    
  • World View & Paradigm shift  
  • Personal development/Practices  
  • Communal processing

and the learning will be structured through stages


We are using the framework of the ‘Hero’s journey’ to help you engage with the personal (and corporate in some cases) journey you will go on. This is why there is a Prologue before you engage with the other modules because, before we launch in and enter the information and learning stage, we want to help you engage with the framework we will use for your personal journey of exploration and understanding as you engage with 5Q. You will go on an adventure which will be stretching & exhilarating in equal measure so we want you to understand the process right a the very start.

The modules are able to be downloaded and accessed by the individual leader or the team at their own convenience. Each module stands alone or can be part of a series. Each module will have a ‘journal’ as well for you to record your learning journey.


We will launch modules for 3 key topics – Hero’s Journey, 5Q Overview and APEST Overview in March 2018. The 5 (A,P,E,S,T) will follow before the summer.