Equipping Apostolic Leadership, Character, and Competency

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A 12-session group coaching to invest in your Apostolic Leadership. Participants will engage in 60- minute video calls over the course of 12 weeks to learn, process, and be coached in their Apostolic Leadership. Core topics include: Apostolic Awareness & Heart; The Architect & The Housebuilder;
Apostolic Discipleship and Accountability; Apostolic Teams and Culture Change; Releasing Potential Leaders.


To see apostolic talent become apostolic strength in lifestyle and leadership

To see the character and
competency of the apostolic grow and have vision for the future in individuals

To see a cohort of individuals share, reflect, and encourage each other in the apostolic


To provide a dynamic coaching group that allows participants to learn, reflect, and lead in a
contextualized format

To provide unique, high level, group coaching experience in the apostolic for best character, growth, and practice


Intentional Coaching

Peer Learning

Contextualized Practice


12-session coaching process with a cohort of 8-15 pioneering leaders

Twelve 60-minute online sessions over the course of 3 months

Assignments center on personal reflection, processing, and next steps.


Attend all online training sessions

Come prepared to actively engage

Complete assigned readings and assignments

Apply reflection-of-self learnings to changes in lifestyle and leadership


Session 1: Introduction to 5Q

Session 2: AQ Foundations

Session 3: The Apostolic Function

Session 4: The Calling/Role of the Apostle

Session 5: Exploring the Petrine

Session 6: Exploring the Pauline

Session 7: The Apostle's Heart

Session 8: Focus and Discipline for Apostles

Session 9: Sustainability and Scalability for Apostles

Session 9: Sustainability and Scalability for Apostles

Session 10: Developing AQ for Individuals

Session 11: Developing AQ for Teams/Churches

Session 12: Reflections, Plans, & Next Steps


Cost: $300 per person (books not included)

Start Date:
- Australia (Melbourne) Thursdays @ 12PM, beginning in January 2024    
- USA/Europe Mondays @ 10AM (Eastern) / 3PM (GMT), beginning January 22, 2024

Contact: Lindsey Harwood

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