Announcing the 5Q Blog-a-Thon!

We’re looking for bloggers to share their reflections about 5Q—and we think we can make it worth your while.

Here’s how you can get in on the action:

  • Get your copy of 5Q. The first 25 bloggers will get their book for free! Discounted pricing will apply to after that.  (Just email for details.)
  • Write your honest review and reflection of the book and post it to your blog during the week of June 25.
  • Repost your review to Amazon.
  • When they are both live, email us with the links to
  • We’ll make a big deal out of your blog post! We’ll promote your post here on the 5QCentral site, as well as on our social media and email list.

Interested? Get your copy of 5Q today, and get started.

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