How Can 5Q Help You Build Better Teams?

As leaders we can drift into, or just settle into, prioritizing delivery over development.

We need people. We need team. We need to be a Band of Brothers or a Fellowship of the Ring, not the genius with a thousand helpers.

But how do we produce heroes not helpers? How do we access the gifts & treasure of all, not just have people around us who make us shine? As we consider 5Q, there is some territory to be covered together as we think of team.

Practical Tips For The 5Q Journey

For all you leaders out there who have read 5Q and are now ready to tweet, preach and train your people to a premature 5Q-end. Please just take a moment. Stop, save the tweet and read the ways below that you can save yourselves and your people lots of bumps and blind alleys. Lead by example¬†– This has to be …