When the Hand Doesn’t Understand the Purpose of the Foot

Recently I have had the opportunity of attending several of our denomination’s annual gatherings and immediately I recognize what our denominational leaders have long understood about our very congregational structure– there is not one Conference like another.  The culture, the ambiance, the spirit of the people assembled in each conference is distinct and… beautiful. Each conference is an expression of …

The Apostle/Prophet Relationship in Successful Small Business Start Ups

Admittedly, I have a tendency to become obsessed with concepts that blow my mind and I quickly drive everyone around me crazy with the sharing of my new found knowledge.

But I am actually not an evangelist, it is actually one of the gifts I need to develop.

But when I find something worthy of good news status I easily muster up the evangelist’s drive to tell everyone about the newest greatest thing. And I find myself with the teacher’s need to read, read, and read some more, so that I can fully grasp the magnitude of that which so happened to alter my understanding of the Universe.

But good news, when we discover it manages to harness the imagination of every Christly endowed gift growing inside of us.

Motivation, Passion and Longevity in Church Leadership

We (as in every single follower of Christ) are called to make disciples who make disciples. How we live out that calling is particular and important and how we empower/expect our leaders, colleagues, mentors, and mentees to fully utilize the essential passions and motivations that have drawn us into ministry in the first place is the difference between life giving vibrant ministry and pure grueling sacrifice that is to be endured out of pure duty to the church.

If we believe that God has to give each leader in the church a personal Christ- ordained calling (5Q) on his or her life, but at the same time we do not give them space to fully embody their particular calling in how they live out their leadership, we are immediately  snuffing out the same spark we lit in the first place.

Guest Post: What’s In A Name?

This week, we are excited to share with you a guest post by blogger, Jessica Schrock Ringenberg. Her article, What’s In A Name?, originally appeared on themennonite.org and we are re-posting here with the permission of the author. Thanks, Jessica!  Another inspiring voice in the 5Q Symphony! We sat in the church office, confused and in tears. It was a scenario …