4 Ways To Recognize The Prophets Among Us

This week, Guest Blogger, Tim Catchim wraps up his look at the Prophetic Ministry looking at four types of prophet, prophetic archetypes, and the roles the perform in the Church.

Tim Catchim: The Prophetic Ministry, pt. 1

What does prophetic ministry look like? This is a really good question, and to be honest, it’s is quite challenging to answer. In my opinion, prophetic ministry is actually the most complex form of ministry within APEST. That being said, I want to suggest four features of prophetic ministry, and then show how those features can come together to form various expressions of prophetic ministry.

APEST Approach to Discipleship

In our book on APEST and the apostolic vocation entitled The Permanent Revolution, we discuss the different impulses that run through the various five fold ministries of APEST in Ephesians 4. An additional angle on the fivefold approach that we did not include in the book is how the various APEST ministries tend to approach discipleship. Because the different APEST giftings …