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The 5Q Collective

We are aware that transformation does not merely come through new paradigms and mere information.

As you’re engaged with 5Q (the book) we would like to share with you the opportunity to engage further on a transformative journey that will involve deepening your own discipleship, strengthening your leadership, as well developing the capacities of your church or organization.

Our coaching & training aims to create a process where theological imagination and innovative practice in discipleship, leadership and mission can be engaged & activated throughout the Body of Christ.

Our training will begin focus by developing competencies in 5Q generally and then going on to develop competency in all five capacities or quotients individually. We call these focussed streams AQ (apostolic quotient), PQ (prophetic quotient), and EQ (evangelistic quotient), and so on.

New 5Q Coaching Courses & Leadership Cohorts are available to join on a regular basis, so do register interest for more information. Our coaching is online so you can engage with training wherever you are in the globe. 

These various coaching & training processes provide strategic, practical, training for transformative discipleship practice, leadership development, and organizational change.

We are currently working on developing the specific coaching and training for AQ, PQ, EQ, SQ and TQ – so keep your eyes out for that in the future as well.

There are shorter and longer-term ways to engage in learning. 

5Q System Training 

5Q Coaching Course (one semester – 12 Weeks) 

– 5Q Coaching introductory coaching process, engaging learning & coaching around 5Q foundations; APEST identity, culture & practice and 5Q awareness & activation
– One semester (12 weeks coaching) with 1 hour a week contact, some self-led project work on own initiative and a message board for peer learning & discussion

$400/person for the course

The one-semester coaching gives a 5Q overview from an experienced practitioner within an environment that gives you direct input, discussion with peers and others on the journey and also some work for you to do yourself in application. This would give you a full term of impetus and energy around learning and set you well for your local leadership role & lifestyle. The outcome would be a deeper & more informed engagement with 5Q content, increased awareness and application of APEST in your personal life and leadership responsibility, and engagement with peers on the same leadership journey.

The 5Q Coaching Course is designed for any leader who is at ‘first or early stage engagement’ with APEST. They may have only read the 5Q book (or Permanent Revolution or The Forgotten Ways) or be relatively new to the discussion. It gives an environment to receive initial input and an intentional process to take the first steps in engagement, understanding & application of APEST.

5Q Leadership Cohort (four semesters – 12 months) 

– 5Q deep dive training process, engaging learning, coaching and training around 5Q foundations, leadership, organization and movement (one of the four key topics per semester) studying & learning on personal, leadership and organizational levels (and this can be tailored for the Organizational context if one group from an organization goes through together).
– In each of the four key topics the training will raise 5Q awareness & activation, train in creating 5Q culture, practice & infrastructure, and set a framework for multiplying the training into the individual leader’s context.
– 4 semester blocks (12 months coaching process) – with a 60-minute bi-weekly webinar contact, background reading, some self-led project work (including undertaking a multiplication project in semester 4, one face/face on-the-ground immersion (where possible to attend due to geography) and written work for assessment – alongside the constant dialogue on a message board/chatroom with a 5Q coach.

– US$ 2,400/person for the cohort

The longer 12-month training over 4 semesters is a deep dive into a greater amount of investment on both sides and we will look at 5Q foundations of leadership, organizations and multiplication. It gives you a bi-weekly connection point with an experienced practitioner in a webinar context with 6-12 others, as well as constant access via a chat room and message board for ongoing input and process. It also works to equip and train on multiple levels – in the areas of leadership development, culture creation & training infrastructure influenced by APEST thinking and dynamics. The additional benefit is an engagement with a collective of leaders who are leading out in the same direction & dynamic, utilizing APEST as a framework and defining principle.

The 5Q Leadership Cohort is designed for those who have engaged with APEST previously, read 5Q and are in leadership positions of influence in their organization. It is designed for an individual leader or a group of leaders from an organization to go through the training process.

Organizational engagement

All of these options can be accessed as an individual or as an organization (where you could send 2-15 people through the process). The larger the number from one organization, the easier it is to tailor the training to that context and culture.

The costs given above are based on an individual participating in the training. If we agree on a church or organizational engagement, we offer a 10% discount for 5-10 leaders engaging together and 15% discount on over 10 leaders engaging.

Speciality Tracks (AQ, PQ, EQ, SQ, TQ)

AQ, PQ, EQ, SQ and TQ – Coaching Courses and Leadership Cohorts

We are developing an accessible and replicable training system upon the missional paradigm of APEST which will serve to equip and empower Apostles, Prophets and Evangelists as well as those wanting to be trained in the Apostolic, Prophetic and Evangelistic functions. There will be both Coaching Cohorts and Leadership Cohorts available moving forward.

The 5Q Collective operates as the APEST training arm of 100Movements
shifting the tracks of history

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