Tests – OLD

These tests analyze the engagement, health, and development of all the APEST functions and callings.

All of these tests provide unique diagnostic tools for you personally (APEST Personal Vocational Assessment or 360 Vocational Assessment) or for your organization ((The 5Q Diagnostic Test – a snapshot of your current culture, or The 5Q Systems Analysis Test – a deeper development process which includes consultancy)

All of the tests are based squarely on the thought leadership of Alan Hirsch in this area, and are invaluable for leading your church/organization towards increasing maturity and effectiveness.

Additional Clarification

If you are being asked to “take an APEST test” or want to find out more individually about your APEST gifting, then the APEST Personal Vocational Assessment is the one to engage with.

If you want others to give you input on your own individual APEST profile, then the APEST 360 Vocational Assessment  is the one to engage with.

Personal Tests

APEST Personal Vocational Assessment


This test is designed to help an individual discover their personal APEST profile (The original APEST Test)  

(We have multiple translations available. Click below to learn more.)

APEST 360 (Reflective) Vocational Assessment


This test is for an individual to have a group assessment/feedback on their APEST profile (includes a self assessment as well).

Organizational Tests

5Q Diagnostic Assessment


This test is designed to help an organization understand their strengths and weaknesses in APEST function.