5Q Ultimate Bundle

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1 x 5Q: Reactivating the Original Intelligence and Capacity of the Body of Christ (Paperback)

In 5Q, Alan Hirsch takes a deep dive into the fivefold (APEST) typology of ministry as articulated in Ephesians 4:1–16. With profound theological and cultural insight as well as innovative practice, Hirsch once again not only shifts the conversation itself, but also the scorecard on how we understand calling, church, leadership, and organization. During our pre-order sale, shipping is free for US Orders and for international orders, we will calculate shipping and contact you with the additional cost.

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1 x Activating 5Q

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1 x APEST Personal Vocational Assessment

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1 x APEST 360 Vocational Assessment

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1 x 5Q Diagnostic Test

The 5Q Diagnostic Test gives a snapshot of APEST functionality (or dysfunctionality) at any given time in an organization–it offers straightforward assessment of current capacities in relation to APEST.  It can be used regularly to provide a diagnostic “picture” of the organization as it develops its 5Q functionality.

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Everything you need to dig deep into learn and apply the insights of APEST for you and your team!

Bundle Includes

  • 5Q: Reactivating the Original Intelligence and Capacity of the Body of Christ
  • Activating 5Q (workbook)
  • APEST Personal Vocational Assessment
  • APEST 360 Vocational Assessment
  • 5Q Diagnostic test

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This bundle is available in the U.S. only. For orders outside the U.S., books should be ordered from and test  purchased individually.


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