Welcome to this 5Q module.

These modules consist of an overview and four sessions and can be undertaken as an individual or group study.

  • Each module will have learning objectives for the whole module and as well as learning objectives specific to each of the four sessions.
  • Each of the four individual sessions comprises an overview, objectives, key content to engage with, discussion questions and topics, reflection and action
  • Each module can be undertaken as an individual or studied together as part of a group but, if you are engaging as an individual we would encourage you to find a context to process and discuss with others.
  • We strongly encourage you to make notes of your journey of learning in a 5Q journal and also share them with someone you are journeying with or the group you are studying with.
  • We’d encourage you to read and engage with the “Hero’s Journey’ module as this will set the framework and context for your learning journey, whether you’re an individual or a group.

Module Flow

Each week contains the following subsections:

Overview and objectives

  • Readings
  • Videos
  • Considerations
  • Reflections
  • Reformations
  • Actions
  • Treasures

We would suggests a rhythm of completing one subsection a day.

AQ Module Overview >> Apostle/Apostolic

Module Description

Welcome to the Apostle/Apostolic “AQ” Module. In this module we will explore the apostolic, starting with the theological roots and character of God, then recognizing Jesus as the apostolic archetype and finally moving into functions of the church and finally into individual calling.


Module Learning Objectives

Learners who participate in this module will at the completion of this module be able to:

    • Discover the origin of AQ in God Himself
    • Examine their previous understanding of apostle/apostolic
    • View Jesus with a new lens as the archetypal Apostle
    • Explore the multiple facets of the apostolic area
    • Articulate a working definition of an apostle and the apostolic area
    • Trace the AQ through the Bible
    • Grasp the essential “sentness” of the church (implicit)
    • Reflect on their own personal level of “apostolicity” (explicit)
    • Assess their current church/group’s level of AQ
    • Reflect on healthy and unhealthy expressions of the apostolic
    • Take action steps to activate the latent AQ in their church/group, and in their lives personally

Download the module PDF: AQ _ Apostolic Module 1.0 (Revised)