5Q Courses

We exist to empower the APEST callings for individuals, teams and organizations. Below are a handful of courses we've developed to facilitate growth on your 5Q journey.

Introduction to 5Q - $30

Learn the key elements that make 5Q unique and leverage the foundational principals that will propel you on your APEST journey.
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Online course graphic for the Introduction to 5Q

Introduction to APEST - $50

Discover each APEST calling and function from Ephesians 4 and how it impacts you, the church, and the Kingdom.
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Introduction to APEST online course graphic with each of the APEST icons

Individual Results Course - $30

Move from your APEST test results to personal discovery and growth through this online course.
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Individual Results Course Graphic with Bars leveling up signifying growth.

Team Dynamics Course - $50

This course will help your team process through the results of the APEST Assessment together and begin to develop the skills to utilize those results to function better as a team.
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Church Integration Course - $100

This course gives your church leadership a process and the tools to integrate 5Q and APEST into the culture and life of your church.
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Connected dots create a circle acound a box; the graphic for our Church Integration course