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Five Books by Alan Hirsch on APEST and 5Q

5Q: Activating the Original Intelligence and Capacity of the Body of Christ

In the pages of this book, Alan Hirsch takes us on a really deep dive into the fivefold (APEST) typology of ministry as articulated in Ephesians 4:1-16, but he takes us to a depth that few (if any) have ventured before. The reader is invited to join Hirsch on an thrilling journey of discovery that locates the roots of APEST in the nature and purposes of God, tracks how these are laced throughout creation and culture, how they reconstituted and perfectly exemplified in the life and ministry of Jesus, are embedded into the very foundations of the Church, and subsequently expressed through the lives of the countless saints that make it up. By laying out a comprehensive model that incorporates deep theory as well as practice, Alan Hirsch once demonstrates his almost uncanny capacity to change not only the conversation itself, but also the scorecard on how we understand calling, church, leadership, and organization.

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  • 5Q is a holistic lens by which we can see ourselves, our functions, and our churches/ organizations in a whole new light.
  • 5Q gives a holistic framework and a practical application to release latent potential within you, your church and your community.
  • 5Q takes the bible at it’s word; that APEST is connected to the idea of attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ. It therefore provides us with a model of what it means to be the church, to follow Christ, and to be truly human.
  • 5Q provides a scripturally rich and invaluable model for leaders who are committed to building, equipping and releasing the church.
  • 5Q provides leaders with a vision of a healed, restored and perfected church which helps us overcome our historical dysfunctional and deficits (Eph 4.12).
  • 5Q restores an understanding that God has given us all we need to get the job done in a world where everyone gets to play their unique part.
  • 5Q provides practical, insightful and dynamic tools and training for transformative discipleship practice, leadership development and organizational change.
There is also a companion book soon to be released that is a practical guide to the tests:
Activating 5Q: A User’s Guide to Understanding and Applying 5Q in Your Church or Organization (Atlanta: 100M Publications, 2017) by Alan Hirsch and Jessica Cruickshank.

Endorsements and Testimonials for 5Q

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Activating 5Q: A User’s Guide

In his book 5Q, Alan Hirsch took a deep dive into the fivefold typology of ministry as articulated in Ephesians 4:1–16. Now in this User’s Guide, Alan and Jessie challenge and equip you, your organization or church to live into a new way of seeing, thinking, and living.

Summarizing and simplifying the key themes of 5Q, this practical guide is ideal for either individuals or groups. With practitioner examples, reflective questions, and training tools, Activating 5Q enables you to apply the principles to your particular context.

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“A new and brilliant understanding of how to unleash the latent capacity within you, the church and every group for the Jesus mission.”
—Dave Ferguson, lead pastor of Community Christian Church; lead visionary for NewThing; author

“I believe that there are few topics more important for the renewal of Christ’s people and the subsequent transforming of the world around us than what is addressed here.”
—Neil Cole, author of Organic Church, Primal Fire, and One Thing

“Inspires, provokes and engages. It will be a catalyst for mission in the years to come!”
—Danielle Strickland, international social justice advocate; author and speaker

“Provides us with a clear model showing us how Jesus is active in and through the church. Wonderful!”
—Brad Brisco, co-author of Missional Essentials and Next Door as It Is in Heaven

The Permanent Revolution: Apostolic Imagination and Practice for the 21st Century Church

This book is a groundbreaking work of theological re-imagination that focuses on the twin issues of ministry and leadership appropriate to our times.  The authors draw widely from the areas of biblical studies, theology, organizational theory, leadership studies, and the social sciences, to make a comprehensive case for on the abiding significance of the Ephesians 4 vocations of apostle, prophet, evangelist, shepherd and teacher in the church that Jesus intended. They particularly emphasize the strategic importance of the apostolic role for generating missional movements, facilitating ongoing renewal in the life of the church, stimulating ecclesial innovation, and creating adaptive but highly sustainable organizations.

  • Shows how to view leadership and ministry through a biblical perspective and continue “the permanent revolution” that Jesus initiated
  • Outlines the essential characteristics of apostolic movements and how to restructure the church and ministry to be more consistent with them
  • Alan Hirsch is a leading voice in the missional movement of the Christian West

This seminal book will likely initiate a much needed re-assessment about how we think of, and subsequently do, ministry in  21st Century contexts.

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The Permanent Revolution Playbook: APEST for the People of God

For far too long now the church has tried to extend the logic and impact of Jesus’s ministry on its own terms.  And yet there is clear guidance from Scripture itself as to how the church can be the fulness of Christ in the world.  A vital part of the answer to a renewed ministry in the church, one capable of matching the challenges we face, is found in Eph.4:1-16.  Every time the explicit teaching of the text has been is taken seriously and properly integrated into the life of God’s people, history has been in the making.  This playbook (developed from the award winning The Permanent Revolution) is designed to introduce the disciple to his or her own, Jesus-given, vocational profile. This is important for all of God’s people, because discovering your ministry will give you a direct clue to your distinctive contribution in the world.

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The Forgotten Ways: Reactivating Apostolic Movements (new edition)

Alan Hirsch’s paradigm-shifting classic remains the definitive statement of the church as dynamic missional movement. The bestselling first edition ignited a conversation about how to harness the power of movements for the future growth of the church. In this major update, Hirsch shares significant insights gained along the way, provides fresh new examples of growing churches, and reflects on the last ten years of the missional movement. The new edition has been thoroughly updated and revised throughout and includes charts, diagrams, an expanded glossary of terms, new appendices, an index, a new foreword by Ed Stetzer, and a new afterword by Jeff Vanderstelt.

Known for his innovative approach to mission, Hirsch is widely acknowledged as a thought leader and mission strategist for churches across the Western world. He considers The Forgotten Ways the guiding work to all of his other writings. The book explores the factors that come together to generate high-impact, exponentially explosive, spiritually vibrant Jesus movements in any time and context. This extensive update to Hirsch’s influential work offers a system of six vital keys to movements that will continue shape the future of the missional movement for years to come.

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